Advanced technology.
Scalable solutions.

Ultimate safety

Power Global electrification solutions are engineered with the same extreme safety standards used in rocket and spacecraft battery systems.

Passive Propagation Resistance (PPR)

We rigorously test and validate cells for safety and incorporate design features including individual cell fusing to mitigate thermal propagation events.

Battery Management System

Our advanced Battery Management System (BMS) detects faults to maintain safe operating conditions and ensure long-term performance.

Advanced cell science

Extensive in-house testing to optimize cell selection with end-use application based on energy density, quality and safety standards.

Unparalleled performance

Our battery modules provide longer range and more power than alternatives on the market thanks to our leading gravimetric and volumetric energy dense design, unparalleled thermal management, and deep cell science expertise.
Energy Dense
200 Wh/kg
13 kg
Long Life
2000+ life cycles
All Weather
IP67 / IP69K
High vibe / Shock
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Design for manufacturability

Our battery systems are designed and manufactured in California using highly configurable building blocks to create scalable and low-cost energy storage solutions.

Semi-automated design processes

Our 3D design and modeling processes enable low-cost, quick turnarounds from protyping to production, enabling you to go-to-market faster.

Modular and scalable components

Our battery packs are built using modular building blocks on an adaptive platform design to support a wide variety of end-use applications.

In-house testing and validation lab

Continuous in-house testing capabilities provides quick and precise feedback to develop safe and durable product designs.

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